FAQs & Requests

When finalizing your Shake you may want to provide the Buyers with some Frequently Asked Questions and Buyer Requests.

Adding FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions are optional and are used to help answer common pre-sale questions that Buyers might have about your services.

1. Once on the FAQs tab click Add FAQ.

2. Enter your question and answer.

If you would like to add another FAQ, you can select Add Another FAQ. If you are finished adding your FAQs then you can select, Save & Continue.

Adding Buyer Requests

What information do you need from your customers in order to get started? When you create a buyer request ShakeBot will ask the Buyer for the information you need as soon as they buy. Requests can be freeform text, uploads, or multiple choice.

1.  Once on the Requests tab click Add Request.

2. Enter your Buyer Request.

3. Choose your type of request from the dropdown. You can choose from Freeform Text, Multiple Selection, Single Selection, or Upload.

If you would like to add another Request, you can select Add Another Request. If you are finished adding your Requests then you can select, Save & Continue to move to the final step to submit your Shake.

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