Deals & Options

Now that you have added your Description and Samples to your Shake, you will have the option to add Deals and Options to your Shake. Deals are various packages that you can create to offer to your Buyers. Options are services that can be added to your Shake.

Adding A Shake Deal

1. Once on the Deals tab, you will be able to create different Deal packages for your Shake. The first step is to create your Deal Title and Description. This title and description can be creative and something that catches the eye of our Buyers. 

2. After you have added your Deal Title and Description, you will need to add your Deal Features.  

  • Revisions - This will allow you to set how many revisions of your content that you are willing to make for this Deal.
    Delivery Time: You will want to provide the Buyers with an estimated time line for delivery of their assets.  
  • Licensing:  When selling your assets you will be able to provide what type of Licensing you are providing to the Buyers. 
  • Price: This will be the total amount you are charging for this specific Deal.

3. If you would like to add another Deal, you can select Add Another Deal. If you are finished adding your Deals then you can select, Save & Continue.

Adding A Shake Option

1. After adding your Shake Deals you will be able to provide your Buyers with Options as well. These Options will allow you to provide your Buyers with additional services that you are willing to Offer for this Shake. For example; our Deal allows for 2 revisions of the assets. We can now add an Option to the Buyer to purchase another revision for this specific Shake. From the Options tab select Add Option

2. You will then need to provide a Title, Description, Timeline and Price for your Option. 

3. Once you have finished, you can choose to Add Another Option or Save & Continue

4. You will now be taken to your FQAs tab, where you can begin to add different frequently asked questions to your Shake. Please see this article for more information on how to add FAQs to your Shake. 

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