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Welcome to Shake! Shake is a marketplace where you can buy or sell digital creative services. In this article we will focus on creating the Description for your first Shake from the Seller side. 

Adding Your Shake Description

1. Once on the Description tab, start by selecting your Listing Category. This is where you will tell the Buyers what type of Shake you will be selling. For the purpose of this tutorial we will select Photography.

2. From here, you will need to choose your Sub Category. Your Sub Category is the type of Photography that you are selling. For example, are you selling Food Photography or Photoshop Retouching? 

3. Now you will need to provide the final basic information for your Shake. You will need to provide a Title, Base Price and Description.

  • Title - Your Shake's title will be the first thing Sellers are shown when viewing their Shake options. You will want to be clear about what you are offering.
  • Base Price - This is the base price for one of your basic Offerings. You are able to add more Deals and Options in the next sections.
  • Description - Once Buyers view your Shake, they will be able to read your description. Make sure to provide them with a Description that will give them more detail on your Offerings. You will be able to provide more Deal options in the next sections.

Adding SEO Metadata

1. Adding SEO metadata is optional however, you can add a description and meta tags to optimize your public listing is search engines. 

2. Once you have provided your basic information and SEO metadata select Save & Continue. 

Adding Your Shake Samples

1. Next you will be taken to Samples tab, where you can provide the Buyers with Samples of your work. To upload your Samples, you can either drag and drop a photo in the uploader or browse your files to upload your Deal Sample. You will then need to crop your image and select Save Image. 

Please note the media restrictions for Samples: 

  • Images: minimum of 800px width, 450px height and max file size of 40mb
  • Video:  max file size of 500mb 
  • Aspect Ratio:  16:9 
  • Minimum Samples: 5 

2. To finish uploading your Samples, select Save & Continue. 

3. You will now be taken to your Deals tab, where you can begin to add different Deal packages to your Shake. Please see this article for more information on how to add Deals to your Shake.

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